Woosh Dishwash

Tough on stains, gentle on your hands. Woosh dishwash, with the power of lemons, removes the toughest grease stains and gives you a refreshing and cleaning experience as compared to other bars. Less sogging and more washing.

About the product

  • Contains compound polymer, effective on oily and hard stains.
  • Anti-grease formula for quick removal of grease.
  • Compatible for all kinds of utensils.
  • Available in Following sizes...
    1. 75g (+20g extra).........5/-
    2. 140g (buy 3 get 4)..... 30/- for set of 4
    3. 250g (+scrub in Tub)...26/-
    4. 500g (+scrub in Tub)...42/-

Key Benefits

  • Removes toughest of stains. Maintains shine.
  • Uses less water.
  • Tender on hands.
  • Contains the power of lemons and has nice fragrance.