Fabric Care


Acrylic is synthetic in its construction. Therefore, it is best advised for a machine wash. Use a warm wash cycle with fabric softener.


Dry cleaning is the best option, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining cashmere. Apart from this, hand-washing the fabric with wool-special liquid is preferable. Just remember not to iron or machine-dry. And avoid hanging it, as it will lose its shape.


Maintaining cotton is very simple. It can be washed in a machine and tossed in a dryer. Just make sure you match the right water temperature to the color type. Use hot water for Whites and Cold water for Colored ones.


Denim is derived from Cotton. But are difficult to handle and manage. So, it is advised not to machine wash them. Or if doing the same, wash them gently in cold water.


Leather being a premium fabric should always be bathed in warm water and washed with soap. And as far as suede is concerned, it is recommended to use a suede protector to keep your shoes water repellant. You can also clean the fabric by washing it with wool detergent or scrubbing it with a suede brush.


Linens are known for their cool nature in hot and warm weather. Therefore, like cotton it is also washing machine-friendly and should be washed with chlorine-free bleach in warm water.


Nylons are rugged, machine-washable, moisture-resistant, and suited for cleaning in either warm or cold water. Always use a low heat setting in the dryer to prevent wrinkling.


You can clean polyester clothing more or less the same way you clean nylon, although a warm wash cycle is ideal. For drying, be sure to use a low-heat setting.


Silks are delicate. So, it is requires dry cleaning. However, you can hand wash silk with warm water and a mild detergent. Some silk garments can even be cleaned using a washing machine's delicate cycle.


If you want to clean rayon fabrics, you are either going to have to get it dry-cleaned or wash it in cold water and let it air dry.