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Posted July 26, 2019
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It is often a dilemma of young, new parents on how to provide their baby with the best of everything- and sp they dress them in the most delicate clothes best suited for their delicate skin.
In addition, it is often a puzzle as to whether to use the normal laundry detergent to wash their delicates, or to best use a detergent suitable for the baby's sensitive skin.
If the baby has sensitive skin and/or dry skin, suffering from rashes or any other types of skin allergy, then, it is best to use baby specific laundry detergents till up to 5 years

best baby laundry detergents
Here is the Best Baby laundry detergent available in the market as of now:
  1. Woosh
It is comparatively harmless, free of harsh chemicals, preservatives or carcinogens. The ingredients include processed natural neem soap powder(antibacterial);  natural lemon extract( fragrance and bleach), borax, washing soda and neutralized soda ash and slurry; which are overall mild on the skin.

The ingredients on the pack mention plant extracts and hydrolysed wheat protein as their active ingredients. It is efficient in cleaning clothes and as an additional bonus, leaves mild fragrance on clothes too. It also has mild anti-bacterial properties and removes stains without causing damage to clothes.

It is antibacterial and rids the clothes of all harmful microbes; along with which it is strong enough to remove tough stains without any harsh chemicals. The major con is its packaging, as it usually leaks during transition.



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