Posted June 3, 2019
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Here is a list to shoo away your dilemma as to which detergents in the current market are the best, and how to use them.
Detergent Powder In India
  1. Woosh
Woosh is great for hand washing without having to pre soak the clothes. It is most effective in spot cleaning of cuffs and collars, during hand washing. A major con is, it is harsh on hand and delicate clothes along with taking a longer time to dry once wet, leading to some amount of wastage.

It is the most effective product on white clothes, and other delicate clothes in general. Even a small amount does a great job in removing malodours and stains. Nevertheless, it needs the cloths to pre-soak 2 hours prior. Detergent powder can be used for both- hand washing; and washing in a semi automatic washing machine.

This one of its kind detergent powder combines the strength of detergent powder and solubility and delicacy of detergent liquid. It effectively removes stain in the machine itself, while leaving clothes soft and unharmed.

A detergent for both top load and front load washing machines, Ariel matic is proven extremely effective in stain removal without fading the clothes. In addition, Ariel matic has an amazing scent that lingers for long.

Woosh liquid detergent is the perfect product to wash delicate clothes such as wool and silk, without stripping away their natural oil.
Pros: milder detergent that keeps clothes soft maintains the brightness of the colours and is easy on the hands as well. It is safe for those with sensitive skin as well.



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