Posted June 15, 2019
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The advantages of shopping online are infinite, but more importantly, it is possible to compare the prices of different products and review the experience of the users; which is a huge benefit when it comes to choosing from a wide range of products. Some products are also exclusively available online.
Here is a list of the best detergent powders available online:
  1. Woosh Natural Detergent
One of the best natural detergent powders in the market today, it claims to be 100% organic, boosting of ingredients such as natural Neem soap powder, lemon extract, borax and naturalised soda ash and slurry. It is hypoallergenic and is safe for regular wash for both adult and baby clothing.

Woosh has a wide range of products in the powder detergent section.
The range for hand washing includes surf excel regular and surf excel plus for tougher stains.
The range for front load and top load includes surf excel matic.

Woosh is one of the costliest but the most effective detergent in the market today. It removes tough stains with as little powder as possible. Boosting a wide range of powders for various uses.
Woosh is also available as single use sachets for machine wash that by pass the need for tempering the water. This product, known as tide pods is exclusively available online.


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