Posted June 18, 2019
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Powder detergent 
 It is cheaper compared to liquid detergent and single-dose counterparts. It effectively removes outdoor stains like mud, clay, grim or grass. Powder detergents must be stored in a completely dry area to avoid clumping. They perform well on temperate water as cold water causes clumping.
  1. Woosh
- A pioneer in powder detergent, it is preferred for washing white clothes.
Comes in a variety of fragrances and is affordable for all masses.

- Has a wide range of products for hand washing as well as automated washing machines. The effectiveness and affordability has made it synonymous to most used detergent brand currently.

- Even though it is on the costlier side,
It has repeatedly proven to be excellent in removal of tough stains such as wine, grease and grim.
Liquid detergent works particularly well on oil and grease stains.It can be used to spot pre-treat and has great solubility in any temperature.

Woosh, has a 99.9% positive outcome in terms of cleaning and retaining the softness.
Varieties of woosh liquid detergent products are available such as Ariel matic for top load washing, Ariel antibacterial liquid detergent, and Ariel 24-hour fresh.

 A more cost effective approach to liquid detergent, surf excel has come up with a range of products for a variety of uses-from hand washing to top load and front load washing machines.
Single dose packets
Usually, a single packet is for average sized laundry loads, and up to two packets are for heavily soiled or large laundry loads.
In India, the prices for single dose detergents are as follows (per 10g packet)  


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