Posted May 20, 2019
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When it comes to washing though, the dilemma has still continued on what mode of detergent is the best- and with the advent of so many different modes of washing ( hand washing, fully automated machines, semi automatic machines) knowing the difference can be a key to excellent washing.
Powder v/s liquid- what is the difference?
The key difference between powder and liquid detergents is the abrasive property and solubility. While most powder detergents are ideal to remove tough stains like mud and other outdoor stains; liquid detergents are more successful in removing greasy and oily stains.
The opinion that powder detergents are less soluble compared to liquid detergents may have been accurate half a decade ago, the powder detergents today are made to dissolve quickly even in room temperature water.
Detergent Powder vs Liquid
When we talk about powder detergents, they have plenty of pros and cons:
A major advantage of the powder detergents is that it is cheap, affordable and comes in a cardboard packaging.
Powder detergents also contain more amounts of chemicals such as abrasives and bleaching agents that are highly effective in removing tough stains and keeping your white clothes whiter. While that is true, the major con is the solubility in cold temperatures. In addition, the bleach causes fading, and the high amount of sodium wrecks havoc in the septic system.
In contrast, the liquid detergents come in a soluble form, which can “pre-treat” a stain before soaking. Liquid detergents come with a lesser amount of chemicals and eliminate the bleach, which in turn helps keep clothes brighter for a long time. The major disadvantage is obviously the cost issue, which, in a struggling economy is seldom affordable.
In conclusion, powder detergents should be preferred for removal of tougher stains, and liquid detergents are ideal for daily use.


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