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Posted April 24, 2019
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Woosh Washing Powder and cake is produced and promoted by Harsh Clean Dhan (P) Ltd. Cruel Clean Dhan (P) Ltd has additionally fabricated and propelled some increasingly fruitful items like Jelly Belly, Chaini, Mahak Pan Masala and so on.

Woosh Washing Powder

The main focus of the Woosh Washing Powder and cake was set up at Kundli, Sonepat in Haryana. Woosh has turned, best case scenario clothing cleanser by the incredible perspectives got from the clients there was an extraordinary need of development of the assembling units of the Woosh Detergent Powder and in this manner more 5 focuses have been set up all around India. Because of ascend in requests inside the general population Woosh Detergent Powder fabricating focus has been set up at Kolkata, Nagpur, Kanpur, Bangaluru, Guwahati.

Unforgiving Clean Dhan (P) Ltd has tried estimable endeavors in propelling a fruitful yet esteem for cash cleanser and fabricated a solid item for the shoppers that are spending cordial as well. Woosh Detergent Powder is the best cleanser powder in India inside every one of the choices that are accessible in the market. Woosh has endeavored consistent endeavors and assembled an extraordinary trust with the purchasers. Woosh Detergent Powder has been satisfactory to the clients all over India and the Woosh Washing Expert has made up to the highest point of the cleanser items list.
Woosh Detergent Powder was made under the direction of Mr.Pankaj Gupta. Mr.Pankaj Gupta has over 20 years of involvement in this field and along these lines made the item so that it is adequate to the customers and furthermore it is stash inviting.

Woosh has made such a washing powder for garments that are skin well disposed and won't make any mischief your skin and furthermore will ensure your youngster's skin. Their vision and exceedingly tried and successful research facilities have influenced the Woosh to rise a standout amongst the best cleansers in India.


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