Oil Stains are no more permanent ; Best Solution

Posted February 27, 2019
Category detergent powder

A stain is something that destroys the complete charm of a particular thing. Although there is a stain on The Moon but we can’t change it because it will require occult efforts. But when it comes to our clothes we can really help remove the stains.


The solution lies underneath:

  1. Hair Spray: It may sound odd but it really works in removing stain and comes under the category of one of the best stain remover. You just need to spray it over the stained part and then simply let it become dry. And Kudos to the hair spray, it has removed your stain.


  1. Shampoo: A shampoo is specially designed to take out adamant grease and dust particles. You just need to soak the cloth in shampoo – fill water and soon you will get the results.


  1. Coca – Cola: The cheapest way of removing a stain is to soak the stained part of the cloth inside coca – cola filled container and to your surprise you will get stain free cloth.


  1. Aloe – Vera Gel: Aloe – vera gel is known to removed all the soil and oil stains, so firstly just soak the cloth in water and then only rub the gel over it very roughly, you will get the results.

So, these were some of the solutions for removing all your oil stains that one can use in place of laundry detergent. But you need to follow the instructions very carefully to remove the stains. Also, despite from all these there are certain chemicals like TSP ( Trisodium Phosphate ) etc which are known for the same purpose.


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