Tips to use washing detergent in the washing machine

The process of washing clothes is usually tedious, but we do not understand why. Like our beauty routine for the skin, washing our clothes also has its regime.

There are some best natural laundry detergents that help to take care of the clothes and although they cost a little more, they are worth the long-term investment since they make the difference in the fabrics. You should also incorporate the conditioner (or softener) and aroma enhancers so that your clothes stay with a pleasant smell even weeks after washing.


If you are going to wash your clothes and want them to be fresh, follow the following tips.


Goodbye, bad smell. If the towels smell of moisture, wash them normally using hot water and washing detergent. And while they're in the washing machine, add a cup of vinegar.


Unbutton the shirts. Loosen the buttons before washing. If you do not, the agitation of the washing machine could cause them to fall.


Take care of your cotton clothes. Wash them with cold or warm water using the gentle cycle of the washing machine and with a washing machine detergent for all kinds of clothes.


Protects delicate items Wool, cashmere or fine cotton, you can put them in a zippered pillowcase and wash them with cold water using the cycle of delicate garments.


In order that your jeans do not lose color. Wash them with cold water using a natural detergent for all types of clothing. Make sure you do not completely fill the drum, so the level of abrasion will be reduced.


Citrus fruits to the rescue. To have bright targets on small items like cloth napkins and socks, fill a pot with water and slices of lemon; boil everything and then put the clothes. Top it up for an hour and then wash normally.


Stain remover effective. As white vinegar is a natural acid, it removes grease stains and whitens fabrics when added to the water during the first rinse. Depending on the size of the laundry load, you can add from 1/8 to 1/2 cup.


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