10 uses that you do not know about vinegar for laundry

If you want to know how to wash your clothes with vinegar, pay attention to the following washing clothes tips to discover it.


1- To soften clothes and avoid lint, add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.


2- To eliminate odors from clothing add a cup of vinegar in the wash load. This is the best alternative to washing powder for clothes.


3- To eliminate the musty odor of old clothes or stored for a long time. In this case, it is necessary to soak the clothes with water and vinegar for a period of approximately one hour.


4- Eliminate sweat stains. Pass a sponge with a solution of 15 ml (one tablespoon) of white vinegar in 250 ml of warm water, then rinse and wash normally.


5- To remove pre-existing stains prepare a mixture of three tablespoons of vinegar plus 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent in 4 cups of water. Rub the mixture on the stain and wash normally.


6- To avoid color discoloration, add a cup of vinegar in the wash cycle.


7- To prevent new pants or shirt luck the ink in the first wash, you must submerge it in a few cups of vinegar (undiluted) for 10 minutes.


8- To wash dirty clothes, add a cup of vinegar in 5 cups of water. Bring to boil, remove from heat, add your dirty clothes and let soak overnight. Next, wash clothes normally.


9- The wool blouse contracted after washing? Soak it in a solution composed of one part of vinegar and two parts of water for 25 minutes. Then soak the clothes and let them dry.


10- Other benefits of vinegar in the washing machine are that it will prevent molds from forming on the rubber door, and will keep the filters and internal parts of our washing machine cleaner. To clean the interior of the washing machine, add a cup of vinegar in the wash cycle (no clothes).


To no doubt, there is much best washing powder for white clothes, but sometimes, use of vinegar can just solve your problems easily and effectively.


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